The Best Twerk Videos!

20 Jul 2017 12:49

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YOU will not believe what stopped these girls in the middle of their twerking video session. The rapper produced history on the Billboard charts this week, and celebrated with a twerking video. At least the racy video for the song has been a hit — with more than 23 million views in two weeks. A day right after a video of Russian school girls twerking in scantily-clad bee costumes for their Winnie the Pooh dance recital became a YouTube sensation, officials have shut down their studio and accused the instructors of negligence. When I make it even though the class I really feel like I could conquer something for the day. Fad­da God.…. That Bar­re class is a JOKE and let them teach that mess b/c the white girls can con­tin­ue to appear basic in their method and under­stand­ing of p.… pop­pin' aka twerking video. 42515368-twerk-and-booty-dance-illustration-for-dancing-studio.jpg Send me your best twerk videos to my new song and I will put a video with each other of all my favorites," she wrote on her Facebook page. Taking listeners and crowds by storm, this individual is legitimizing and spreading twerk like wildfire. STEP 1: Click right here to see offered class dates/times and to reserve your space.Williams, who has effectively tackled such critical subjects as body image, racism and gender equality, showed off her silly side in the brief video that covers the basics of a dance craze that became popular a couple of years ago and has never ever gone away.The controversy centers on a clip in which Ms. Swift appears to (try to) twerk alongside backup dancers scantily clad in stereotypical street wear — high-tops, gold doorknocker earrings, crop-top hoodies and shredded-denim shorts. Calm the f down Yes." Apart from, if you saw the robin thick video for the two chains song, you'll see it employed all black ladies dancers with the theme for college football.

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